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Project Transport

Project Transport

Air Bridge Cargo provides a wide range of trucking services. Our computerized network allows us to track down a suitable truck, whether it is for high mountain or terai region, we are capable for arranging logistic service with high quality at the best possible price. You receive the best prices due to the fact that number of trucking operators listed in our computerized network are returning from trips, and offer substantial discounts just to carry something back.

No transport projects are identical. We clarify all aspects and specifications of your transport before the project is even started. With your conformation, we can have a truck ready to service your needs within moments.Anytime, anywhere in road-linked destinations we will have a truck ready when you are..

Air Bridge Cargo will appoint a project leader for each project, who is responsible for organizing transportation. Based on the information you provide, the project leader will develop a transport plan for each event day. This plan will, of course, take into account your needs and requirements.

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